Saturday, February 20, 2016

6 Free Short A Tic Tac Toe Games- Color and BW

Where oh where have I gone?  That is the question!

My little babe is now 11 weeks old and sleeping through the night!  Woo hoo!  He is so cuddly, content, and smiley- just as much as my other two were!  Although, he is much more cuddly I think!  

It has been a busy month for us.  I have healed almost 100% from my c-section and have been doing my normal intense but short workouts (kettlebells, sprinting).  Although I can fit back into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, I still have the mommy belly and about 15 extra pounds.  The pounds can stay or not, but the belly has to go!  That, however, will take a long time to condition.  And that's okay.  :)

We are a couple weeks out from a trip to Disney World.  I.  Can.  Not.  WAIT.  I need a vacation.  

And I'll tell you why.

I learned to play the piano about 10 years ago (I think?).  I've been playing for church for about 8 years.  And now I've been bumped to lead pianist at our church.  Although I absolutely love to serve in the piano ministry, it is a huge responsibility.  To whom much is given, much is required- and I feel the weight of this ministry more than you can imagine.  I just had a new baby.  I am homeschooling 2 little ones.  I babysit in the evenings and on non-school days.  I attend church on Wednesday evenings (choir practice, that I'm now playing for) and on Thursdays evenings for visitation.  That means I don't even go home after work on those days, plus on other days when we have special meetings (next Friday!).  I have to get food on the go for the kids and I (McDonalds), and then come home to put the three littles in bed.  It is a bit stressful for me, all this running around.  But then, juggling practicing the piano?  That's a tough one.  I might love to play, but I'm no composer.  I have to work at it.  And practice.  And practice.  And practice.  I practice at 6am, 10am, and 12pm every day.  I have called on many people to pray for me.  I need that prayer.  And it has truly helped me come leaps and bounds in my playing.  

Sadly, blogging has taken the back burner for now.  I really felt like God wanted me to blog.  I know people need help educating their littles, and that is my gift.  The piano playing is something I do, but it is not what I'm best at.  But it is my biggest ministry, aside from raising my three boys to love the Lord.  

I'm not disappearing completely.  I just need a bit of time to get a handle on all of this new responsibility.

I'll leave you with a fun freebie for teaching short a words- 6 colored and black and white tic tac toe board games!  My 3-yr-old loves to read the whole board (cheat) and place all of his game pieces everywhere, not leaving me a turn!  Fine by me!  He's reading!  Download it from my TpT store here.

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  1. Take all the time you need mama :) We've added 3 little sweeties in the past three years to our family {for a total of 4} and I know how hard it is to prioritize everything! I'm just starting to get back into more regularly. It will come. Enjoy your precious new blessing <3