Thursday, October 29, 2015

3 Tips for Successfully Homeschooling a 2-yr-old boy!

On the first day of K-5, I pulled out my 5-yr old's worksheets and expected my 2 yr-old to go play in his room by himself.

Not so much!  He sat at the table, right across from big brother, and watched, dying to be just like him!  That first day I gave him a coloring book or two, and begged him to go play.  He wouldn't comply!  

Like every good mom, I burned the midnight oil with my sleeves rolled up . . .

 pinning away on my beloved Pinterest account.

The next day, I was prepared.  And now, I am so thankful that my little guy didn't go play!  He is so unlike my older son who never even sat still long enough to listen to a story until recently!  My youngest can sit for hours, (and quite often does!), as long as his mind is engaged.  

3 Tips for Successfully Homeschooling a 2-yr-old boy:

1) Follow their lead.  Let them decide if they're interested in school activities or not.  Remember, they are 2, and just five minutes of education a day will have your child learning by leaps and bounds!  And believe me, they are learning every second of the day, no matter where they are or what they're doing!  Once their mood starts to turn sour, quickly switch to something that will perk their spirits back up!

And if your child is like mine and won't go play because he is dying to do school and worksheets . . .

2) Be very, very, very prepared!  I can Pin 100 activities on Pinterest, make 20, and he will reject 15 of them!  When I've run out of colored ink, printer paper, cardstock, lamination, and page protectors because I've made him so many activities, he's already bored with them!

3) Keep a snack and a drink within reach.  This might sound so simple, but it makes the world of a difference, and goes right along with number 2, being prepared!  My little guy doesn't eat much for breakfast, so right in the middle of school his face starts twitching and the ugly starts coming out.  I hand him a banana, some chocolate milk, and Oscar the Grouch is gone!

My 2-yr old can count very well (above 20), is reading blends, has great one-to-one correspondance, can make patterns, has known his colors and shapes for a few years, and so much more!  You can homeschool a 2-yr old!

I hope this little list helps, and I will be adding to it as I learn more and more about my temperamental boy!  What tips would you add?

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