Saturday, October 24, 2015

Why I homeschool

My reasons behind why I homeschool revolves around my Christian faith.  I have wanted to raise my children in a godly environment since I started serving the Lord as a teenager.  When I was 16 my Sunday school teacher told me if I wanted to homeschool, then I needed to go to college to be a teacher.

My heart sank.  

A teacher?  ME?  That was the last thing I wanted to do!  Even after BEGINNING college I avoided taking those education classes.  After I caved in, my professor said, "Oh good, Ashley!  You'll LOVE it!"  

And I haven't looked back since.  

I DO love teaching.  It is my gift!  After graduating I taught 6th grade for 4 years.  I absolutely loved it-

But not more than I loved being a mom.  

You see, the last year I worked, I took my newborn to school with me every day.  I would nurse him and leave him behind in the nursery.  I absolutely hated leaving him under someone else's care, especially when I KNEW he needed ME to take care of him!  But, I didn't have much of a choice.  My husband had said I had to work for one more year before I could quit.  He had to get a little farther in his career, we had to pay off his new car (which we did in 13 months).  After that I began staying home with my son.  

Education begins in the womb.  They hear your voice, feel your emotions.  But I didn't start educating him 24/7 until he was 11 months old.  He's 5 now, and I have never wanted to leave him again.

Okay, that was a total lie.  

I missed teaching.  I almost went back to teaching that next fall!  I felt like my job was so small- leaving a classroom of students to raise ONE child.  How was I making a difference in the world?  But whether I believed it or not, I was making a difference. 

Reasons Why I Homeschool:

1. I love spending time with my family.

2. I'm a little bit of a control freak and can't stand the thought of someone else raising my child!

3. I want to shelter my children.  Despite what the world thinks, sheltering a child IS a GOOD thing!  It offers peace, comfort, protection, security!  I want my children to stay as innocent as long as possible.  They'll learn all about hurt, pain, and sin soon enough! 

4. I want my children to be comfortable.

5. I can afford to.

6. Stronger sibling bond.

7. It is fun!

8. I can cater to my child's educational, social, spiritual, health, and personal needs.  

9. My children have FREEDOM!

10. It is flexible.

If you don't homeschool, that's okay!  These are the reasons why I absolutely LOVE homeschool!  I think it is a lot of fun.  I have been down the road where it was a nightmare, but thanks to some wonderful education blogs, we have turned a new leaf!  My kids love the things I create and literally do them morning, noon, and night most days of the week!

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