Friday, November 27, 2015

7 FREE B&W Winter Skip Counting Puzzles

I hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  This was one of my favorite years yet.  We usually stay home, as my husband is a fantastic cook, and I don't want to go anywhere else for a fine meal!  We always put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving, especially this year since the baby is due soon.  I had plans to take photos of the boys in their new Santa jammies. But after setting up the tree, we found that one of the string of lights doesn't work!  We were debating on spending $100 on a new tree (not ideal with lots of baby purchases and hospital bills coming up), or trying to find replacement bulbs and fixing the string of lights (too tedious for me!!).   Either way, we weren't about to run out to the store at 5pm on Thanksgiving.  

Our new tradition is to record us decorating the tree as a family.  The camera caught our disappointment, but it also caught a lot of laughter!  My husband is a clown!  We have a small white Christmas tree and he told the kids to decorate that one instead.  It was HILARIOUS watching them wrap the HUGE garland around, and around, around the tiny tree!  So even though this pregnant mama's plans were ruined, we had a blast making the best of it.  We then watched Ernest Saves Christmas and died laughing!  I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard!  I haven't been laughing a lot lately, not with pregnancy exhaustion and fog crowding my brain.  

But earlier in the day I did manage to take some maternity pictures, which is quite a feat when you are the photographer and the model.  Nothing like taking a bunch of pictures that look good on a tiny screen, only to find out later that they were underexposed!  :(  But thankfully, my computer is only one room away from the baby's room!  

Nothing fancy or overly creative, but treasures for me all the same.  It's almost over!  I have loved being pregnant the most this time around, although all 3 pregnancies were a pleasure.  

Now, on to today's freebie:

What a fun way to celebrate the Christmas/winter season! Download these free puzzles in my TpT store. Then, print! Have your children color the pictures, cut along the dotted lines, and glue their puzzles in the correct order onto a piece of construction paper.  These puzzles teach skip counting by 2's and 5's.  Kiddos are sure to love this activity!  Don't forget to comment below and as always, Subscribe by email so you're the first to get these and more!  

If you have been blessed in any way shape or form by the services I've offered on this blog, you may want to send a monetary gift my way.  If so, that would be most appreciated!  I love what I do and am looking forward to helping others educate their little ones.

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