Sunday, November 29, 2015

FREE Themed Addition Mats!

You are going to LOVE these addition mats!  My son has already learned his ones tables and is working on mastering those twos.  I also babysit a second grader who needs lots and lots of practice with addition.  These are a perfect way to help them learn!

Each page includes one large grid.  Really, it is two grids overlapping.  On the left are one set of tables, and on the right are a different set.  I went in order, meaning the 1's and 2's are on the same mat, 3's and 4's on another, 5's and 6's, and so on through 10.  Each mat (page) has a different theme.  The themes are Christmas/winter, beach, space, ocean animals, and superheros!  

Inside each square is a cute clipart with a sum.  On the page following each mat is another large grid with one image to match the theme and an addition problem.

There are MANY ways to use these.  First, if your child is just beginning to learn their addition facts, I recommend leaving the large grid in tact.  Just print (I did mine double sided) on cardstock and slip into a page protector.  Then, print (not double sided!), laminate, and cut out the addition problems.  Your student or child will then match the addition problems to the sums.

Once your child is a little more advanced, you can cut the mats down the middle- with one table on the left, and one on the right.  This way you can mix and match what facts they are reviewing.  This won't be too much of a challenge though, as the clipart gives away which mat it should go to. 

Another way your child can play is as a memory or matching game.  Print (not double sided), laminate, and cut out each square individually.  Lay face down, making sure the corresponding sums and addition problems are on the table. See if they can find the matches.  You could also lay only the sums down, and have them draw the addition problems from a pile or vice versa.  Use your imagination, as there are many ways to use these!

You can find these FREE addition mats here.  Also, these were designed to be printed in landscape, not portrait, so don't forget to check your settings!

I have made similar mats for subtraction and multiplication too (different themes!), so be sure to Subscribe by email to receive updates!

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